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Short Term Rentals Such As, But Not Limited To

"Airbnb", "Home Away" & "VRBO"

Are Prohibited In Lakeside Estates & Lakeside Forest

Homes in Lakeside Estates and Lakeside Forest are restricted as single-family residences and the operation of a business from one’s home is a violation of our Neighborhood Deed Restrictions. These type of rental agreements pose a potential threat to neighbors as well as an increased opportunity for lewd, noxious and illegal activities to take place within Lakeside. These short term rental businesses do not offer any type of screening or require any background checks of the patrons that could be residing within a home offered for short-term rental via one of these sites.


If you are tempted to operate a business as such out of your home, please think twice.

As residents of Lakeside Estates and Lakeside Forest, we live in a deed restricted neighborhood with rules we must abide for the betterment and protection of our neighborhood.  Deed Restrictions and Contracts are the letter of the law under which we live, as are City Codes, State Statutes and Federal Laws. Lakeside Improvement Association (LIA) is governed and bound by such laws and will endeavor to enforce such to protect our residents and their property values.

Lakeside's Leasing Policy may be found here


The Texas Property Code allows for the recovery of legal fees by LIA and the assessment of fines for each day the violation persists. LIA will seek recovery of all legal fees and court costs incurred by it whether by working toward a resolution or in the prosecution of a suit to a final judgment, resulting in what could be a costly situation for the homeowner.

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