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City of Houston (COH) Permitting Information for Residential Facilities


City of Houston Websites for concerns on Residential Facilities: 


Do you have concerns about a facility operated in your neighborhood? Want to report a possible unpermitted facility? Contact the COH:

City Website on Deed Restriction Complaints:

PDF Complaint Form: click here


COH permitting Center:

Information on the City’s new ordinances which were passed in March 2018:


Final/Signed Boarding Home Ordinance 2018- 225

Final/Signed Lodging Facility Ordinance 2018-226

Final/Signed Correctional & Alternate Housing Facility Ordinance 2018-227

Proposed Correctional / Alternate Housing Distance Requirements

March 21, 2018 TDCJ Approved Alternate Housing Facility List

Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee Presentation - Boarding Home / Lodging Facility / Correctional Facility / Alternate Housing Facility Stakeholder Presentation (.pptx, updated 02.13.2018)


Houston Permitting Center: -- lists all of the info above, plus where permit applications have been submitted and approved.


List of alternate housing and correctional facilities applications and permit issuance:

Houston ordinance created a permitting and inspection program, plus operating requirements, for three different types of facilities:


Ordinance No. 2018-225 Boarding Home (Houston Code of Ordinances Section 28-451 to 28-471)


Ordinance No. 2018-226 Lodging Facility (Houston Code of Ordinances Section 28-601 to 28-619)


Ordinance No. 2018-227 Correctional/Alternate Housing Facility (Houston Code of Ordinances Section 28-151 to 28-165)


Boarding Home: Boarding home or boarding home facility means an establishment that: (1) Furnishes, in one or more buildings, lodging to three or more persons with disabilities or elderly persons who are unrelated to the owner of the establishment by blood or marriage; and (2) Provides residents with community meals, light housework, meal preparation, transportation, grocery shopping, money management, laundry services, or assistance with self-administration of medication, but does not provide personal care services as defined by Section 247.002 of the Texas Health and Safety Code to those persons. [defined in Section 28-451]


Lodging Facility: Lodging facility means an establishment that furnishes lodging to three or more persons who are unrelated to the owner of the establishment by blood or marriage. The term "lodging facility" shall not include: (1) a boarding home, as defined in article XIV of this chapter, (2) a hotel or bed and breakfast facility, each as defined in article VI of this chapter, or (3) a single-family residential building, condominium, or townhouse that is owner-occupied for at least three months of the year each year. [defined in Section 28-601]


Correctional Facility: Correctional facility means a facility for the housing and rehabilitation or training of adults on parole, early release or pre-release, or any other form of executive, judicial or administrative release from a penal institution. Such a facility shall not include a facility that is: (1) Used primarily as a temporary holding facility; (2) Used primarily for persons arrested for or found guilty of misdemeanor offenses; (3) Located in or near court facilities; or (4) Used primarily to hold prisoners awaiting transfer to a state facility. [defined in Section 28-151]

Alternative Housing Facility: Alternate housing facility means a residence in which three or more unrelated parolees reside that: (1) Is owned by an individual, private entity, or non-profit or faith-based organization; (2) Is not operated by, established by, or contracted with the Texas Department Criminal Justice ("TDCJ"); and (3) Will be operated under TDCJ approval. [defined in Section 28-151]

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