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Residents of Lakeside Estates and Lakeside Forest voluntarily contribute money each year for beautification projects within the neighborhood. The Beautification Committee has the responsibility of developing projects to spend those funds.


The projects are coordinated by the Lakeside Beautification Committee, composed of volunteers from resident homeowners of Lakeside Forest and Lakeside Estates who have contributed to the Beautification Fund, with representation from both areas. They work with Eileen Fostey, Grounds Director of the Lakeside Improvement Association (LIA) Board, who is also a member of the Beautification Committee. Meetings will be held in the clubhouse on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.


Major projects have included the enhancement of the Westheimer entrance to Lakeside Estates and the Wilcrest entrance to Lakeside Forest as well as the flag installation and paver project at the clubhouse. Contributions to the fund have also helped with the maintenance of the pocket gardens and the newly installed Wilcrest esplanades.



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