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The Lakeside Women’s Tennis Team has been part of the Lakeside community since the early 1970s.  Our Lakeside women’s tennis team plays at the B-2 level of the Memorial League.  The league consists of 14 teams throughout the Memorial area.  The league consists of t a Spring season beginning in mid-January through April . The Fall season is from September through mid-December.


The team plays on Thursday mornings at the Lakeside tennis courts as well as other courts in the area such as Westside, Houston Racquet Club, Memorial Glen, Memorial Forest, Woodlake, Forest Club, etc.  It’s a fun, less serious team of women who enjoy playing tennis and having lunch together.  (It’s been said that “We play tennis to eat!")  Play starts after children are in school and all school holidays and breaks are taken into consideration in scheduling play.


For more information about being part of the Lakeside Women’s Tennis Team, please contact Kathy Amling (713-781-2353).  She’ll be glad to help you out!

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