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How may I get an access card for recreation facilities?

Fill out the Recreation Access Card application. All household members18 and older must sign the form. Return the form and a $50.00 check for the one-time card deposit fee to the LIA Drop Box on the clubhouse porch at 2000 Lakeside Estates Drive. Residents wishing access only to Washington Park should contact the office.  There is a one-time, refundable card deposit fee of $25.00 for Washington Park.


How may I book a party at the clubhouse, pool or park?

All parties are booked through the LIA Office. Call (713-977-2812) first to be sure the day and time you’d like to book is available. Then, fill out the Special Events Agreement and return it to the Drop Box at 2000 Lakeside Estates Drive.  Include two checks:  one for the rental fee listed on the agreement, and a second for the $200.00 damage deposit per facility. 

May I have a Garage Sale at my house?

No. Lakeside hosts biannual garage sales; held on the lawn/parking lot of the clubhouse in spring and fall. Please click here for more information.


I’m selling my house and my realtor has requested a Resale Certificate.  What is that and how may I get one?

A resale certificate and the associated documents such as deed restrictions and by-laws provide information about the organization and financial health of our HOA, and also indicates whether there are any outstanding fees, liens or legal actions pertaining either to your home or the HOA. Fill out the Resale Certificate Request form and return it, and a $100.00 check payable to LIA, to the Drop Box on the clubhouse porch at 2000 Lakeside Estates Drive.


If you require expedited handling, please call the office at 713-977-2812. 


There is a pothole on my street.  What can LIA do about it?

LIA does not own, maintain or repair the city streets.  For potholes, non-functioning streetlights or signage issues, call 311 to submit a service request to the city.

The street light is out on my street. What can LIA do about it?

LIA does not maintain or repair street lamps. Each pole has a number posted on the pole. Please call Center Point @ 713-207-2222 and report the number of the street lamp that is out. 


Where may I get a copy of the Deed Restrictions pertaining to my home?

Click here. Resident information may be found under Resident Info tab above.  

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